Trimming and removal of trees is serious business in Australia and New Zealand. Clearing vegetation from our overhead powerlines ensures the safety of the community, and a fast, reliable and compliant EWP is the most effective means of getting the task done.

Nifty-Lift has specifically designed models for the vegetation industry, with a focus on operator safety and ultimate productivity. In a highly competitive industry where every minute counts, many of Nifty-Lift’s features such as our patented 4 axis control joystick, spring lockouts for operation without stabilisers are designed to help operators get through the jobs as quickly as possible.

Giving peace of mind for operators and fleet owners alike, Nifty-Lift delivers full compliance with AS1418.10.

At the other end of the industry, removal of taller trees can be confidently tackled with a Ruthmann EWP. With a number of models in the 28-40 metre range (or even taller), the superior side reach and basket capacity make these models perfect for the arbor industry.