Unrivalled Access

  • Working Height:13m
  • Ground-Basket:11m
  • Rated Capacity:180kg
  • Working Reach:8.9m
  • To Basket Edge:8.2m
  • Fly Boom:270°
  • Continuous Slew:360°
  • Basket Rotation:90°
The NL122TF gives operators new flexibility to access their elevated work sites with ease. Incorporating features normally reserved for much taller EWPs, the NL122TF is a big performer in a small package. Supreme maneuverability with the 270 degree articulating fly boom is ideal for rapid fault response, new connections and street lighting works, and the reliability built in by Nifty-Lift’s engineers make the NL122TF the perfect choice for contractors and power utilities.

Features & Benefits

  • 270 degree articulating fly boom gives unrivalled access
  • High basket capacity ensures all operators can work safely with their tools and equipment
  • Vertical stabilisers and zero boom tail swing make working in traffic and tight areas effortless
  • The flexibility of the 90 degree basket rotator allows the operator to position themselves perfectly
  • Operator safety is ensured with high voltage insulation to 66kV/33kV/LV
  • Huge ground access area for easy basket loading and rescue
  • Large joystick controls with fully proportional speed control and dual deadman
  • Rounded and nested profile covers and low profile basket frame ensure wires and branches do not catch during tight works

Optional Accessories

  • Enhanced User Interface for operational assistance, fault overrides and data logging
  • Higher productivity is achievable with optional spring lockouts for EWP operation without deploying stabilisers
  • Extensive range of bodywork options including toolboxes, cable drum reels, signage racks, cone holders, vices, lighting and towbar kits