Build/Maintain Networks

    • Working Height:20m
    • Ground-Basket:18m
    • Rated Capacity:435kg
    • Working Reach:13.1m
    • To Basket Edge:12.4m
    • Fly Boom:180°
    • Continuous Slew:360°
    • Basket Rotation:180°
    The NL200KTF is a highly adaptable EWP, able to carry out the big construction jobs, but also capable of smaller maintenance jobs in the urban environment. The NL200KTF has been praised by fleet owners for delivering a 30% productivity improvement over existing EWPs. Benefiting from the flexibility of the 180° articulating fly boom and 180o basket rotator, the NL200KTF makes work safer, faster and easier.

    Features & Benefits

    • Full 180° articulating fly boom gives unrivalled access to go under or between obstacles
    • Practical bottom boom allows operators to position upper boom horizontally between wires
    • Large 1500mm wide basket with full capacity 180° rotation allows two people to face their job with ease
    • Our Enhanced User Interface provides intuitive operation, a detailed user guide, help screens, fault diagnosis and overrides to guarantee minimal downtime
    • Operator safety is ensured with wet high voltage insulation to 132kV/33kV/LV
    • Narrow rear outriggers, with three limited slew windows provide plenty flexibility at difficult job sites
    • Full ground level access for basket loading and rescue up to 9.5 metres from the vehicle
    • Simplified large joystick controls with fully proportional speed control and dual deadman which is ideal for live line conditions
    • Rounded and nested profile covers and low profile basket frame ensure wires and branches do not cat

    Optional Accessories

    • Many basket options including hydraulic tool outlets, various li ing and material handling attachments and tie off points
    • Long stroke stabilisers are available for increased levelling ability in steep locations
    • Extensive range of bodywork options including toolboxes, cable drum reels, signage racks, cone holders, vices, lighting and towbar kits!
    • And many more options available