Major Inspection/ EWP refurbishment

Under Australian Standard AS2550, your elevating work platform must undergo a Major Inspection after the MEWP has been in use for ten years.

As the manufacturer, Nifty-Lift has intimate knowledge of all Nifty-Lift EWPs, so who better to carry out a major inspection and rebuild of your Nifty-Lift!

We can offer advice and upgrades to ensure your EWP continues to meet your needs and perform reliably and economically, and most importantly, ensure the safety of the EWP operators.

To ensure full compliance with AS2550.10, our service department carry out a pre-disassembly inspection and operation test, a full EWP strip down, complete non destructive structural testing in accordance with our Engineering Guidelines, and also carried out any recommended structural product upgrades. We then refurbish and refinish all components, re-assemble and recommission the EWP, and finally completed a thorough pre-delivery inspection and the associated testing (stability, creep, brake etc), as conduct a full electrical insulation test.

In addition to the recertification plate affixed to the EWP upon completion, our comprehensive rebuild service includes a detailed report document (100+ pages), complete with a full listing of parts replaced and refurbished, a full description of works completed, product upgrade details, engineering reports, test reports and full photo graphic evidence.

Please contact our service team on +61 3 9725 0077 for further information on our rebuild kits, rebuild packages, pricing and bookings.