Ruthmann T360

Performance Redefined

    • Working Height:36m
    • Working Reach:34m
    • Rated Capacity:350kg

    “Solid as a rock” is how we describe our T 360. The slogan epitomizes our powerful, sturdy, and compact model designed for truck chassis with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 15 t or more.

    With the T 360, we offer customers a modern alternative in the 35 m truckmounted aerial work platform category. Its impressive performance capabilities include the 31 m lateral outreach and almost 360 degree circular range of motion (100 kg basket load). Compared to older STEIGER ® models and competitor
    brands, T 360 operators now have an extra 2.3 m of additional reach capacity at their disposal. The short overall length of 9.47 m combined with a height of 3.77 m and short 4.7 m (and up) wheelbase, are further reasons why the T 360 is the perfect replacement investment for older work platforms in the 35 m category.

    The T 360’s impressive load capacity is an added advantage. A wide range of optional equipment – box bodies for necessary tools and materials, cab covers, LED marker lights, aluminum platform gates, work basket guard rails, etc. – is available without exceeding the gross vehicle weight rating.

    Our T 360 has a lot of sophisticated standard equipment. This includes the fully variable support mechanism. Depending on the position of the individual outrigger, our state-of-the-art electronic control system enables dynamic range adaption for maximum operational safety and efficiency. Outriggers can be
    activated using the controls located at rear on both sides of the vehicle, from the alternate control on the passenger side, and from the control panel in the work basket. The automatic set-up/retraction mechanism and 5° permissible inclination are also standard features on this professional truck-mounted aerial work platform. Operators are able to carry out assignments on sloped and uneven surfaces with utmost safety and efficiency.

    The work basket on the T 360 is an excellent place to work. In addition to the full 350 kg load capacity, it also comes with an interchangeable basket system. Depending on the assignment, operators can use the standard aluminium (1.7 m x 0.86 m) basket or other optional work baskets. These include the extra wide (2.1 m x 0.86 m) work basket, the narrow tree cutting basket, or the synthetic basket. The insulated
    synthetic basket and standard “boom to chassis” insulation allow assignments to be carried out on live (up to 1000V) power lines.

    The T 360 features a solid 5-section telescoping boom system and 185° swivelling jib (RÜSSEL ®) made of ultra-high strength, fine-grained steel. Compared to other models in the successful T Series, the jib (RÜSSEL ®) and work basket console of the T 360 have been optimized to suit the specific needs of power utility companies and tree cutters/pruners. The new and ultra-modern control panel in the work basket – known as the “Cockpit” – further enhances safety and facilitates ergonomic, fatigue-free handling.

    The T 360 is EURO 6 compatible and there is a large variety of different truck makes and models to choose from. Customers can order 15 t and 18 t (GVWR) or all-wheel drive chassis. All factors considered, our RUTHMANN STEIGER® T 360 really is as “solid as a rock.”