Everyone needs a Nifty-Lift in their fleet – it’s essential!

Essential Energy are the latest organisation to take delivery of our upgraded KTF series. The new NL200KTF supersceded the popular NL190KTF, and it now features a 435kg basket Rated Capacity, and a wind speed rating of 72 km/h.

Despite the boosted basket capacity, the new KTF models are lighter on the truck, as they benefit from the use of higher grade steels, and optimised fibreglass design. Travel height is also improved, as is the rear departure angle.

The 180º articulating fly boom and 180º rotating basket features remain, but the upgraded models also have plenty of new features designed to make the operator’s task easier, with easier stowing into the rests via a ‘tower straight’ indicator, and automatic levelling to the basket rest.

Essential Energy operators will also benefit from our Enhanced User Interface that provides setup and packup instructions, fault finding and fault override capabilities, as well as the optional Fuel Saver Mode (FSM) to save fuel and minimise noise pollution on the jobsite.

The inclusion of our SMART stabiliser controls will help eliminate crushing hazards: A control panel is located on both rear corners of the vehicle, and the operators must utilise the control panel on the particular side for the outriggers and stabilisers on that side of the vehicle. This ensures the operator has full vision of the moving components, and can confidently setup the EWP knowing that no other workers on site are risk of being harmed by the moving stabilisers.

The SMART stabiliser control system is smart; it senses the stabiliser pad on the ground, and lights up LED indicators to inform the operator the risk of crushing has passed and the system then gives control to all four stabilisers to the operator from either control station. The operator can then easily level the vehicle without risk of crushing hazards or excessively twisting or stressing the chassis or subframe.

If you would like more information on the NL200KTF, or any of the features and systems it features, please get in touch with us!