Imagine a fleet of EWPs that is ready to restore power as soon as you have emergency linesmen available!

One of the frustrating issues experienced by electricity network repair crews trying to repair storm damage is the limitations for safe use of their EWP fleet whilst the high winds are still present. Many EWPs in the market are rated for use in winds up to a maximum of 45 km/h (12 metres per second -Beaufort Scale 6).

As part of the NL180KTF and NL200KTF design brief, Nifty-Lift’s engineers looked to offer the industry a higher wind speed rating to enable critical repair works to begin sooner.

The two new KTF models both feature a rating of 72 km/h, a jump up to Beaufort Scale 8!

To compliment this fantastic new rating, an onboard anemometer, or wind speed meter, is also available. This new option displays the current wind speed, the average wind speed over a number of recent time periods, and the recent peak. It also has a handy ‘quick glance’ display on the home page -the wind icon changes colour to give operators the all clear to operate, or that the wind speed would make use of the EWP unsafe.

This great new feature will ensure operators have all the information they require to make the correct decision when operating their Nifty-Lift EWP in windy conditions.