We recently refurbished a Nifty-Lift NL185K-MH that had been in a road accident, where the carrier vehicle was badly damaged. The EWP had only been in service a couple of years, and was still a valuable piece of equipment in the fleet, and as such we were tasked with remounting the EWP to a brand new Mercedes Benz Arocs 8×8 chassis.

This impressive EWP boasts twin 180kg rotating baskets, and an insulated, load monitored, 750kg rated ‘gin pole’. The gin pole is able to extend and retract, and change angle from horizontal through to vertical. The load is displayed to the operator via a screen on the controls, and features an overload cut out.

The huge capacity (1,110 kg) of the gin pole and baskets combined allows two linesmen to work side by side, whilst lifting or pushing powerlines (conductors). A number of different attachments are available to fit to the insulated gin pole to facilitate ‘hot stick’ work.

The NL185K-MH is a special order model due to its specialised nature (you won’t find information on www.nifty-lift.com.au), but if you would like more information please give us a call!